This is my first scenario. I hope, you like it ^^

I added two special cards and created a symbol for these cards: Gandalfs Hat. I think, some of the encounter decks would be more flexibel, if objective cards were not included. I’m not sure the number of progress tokens is okay. It still needs further testing. Then I will add a general flavor description of the scenario and its difficulty setting. Maybe 4?

I made four images for print, two in english and two in german. You can find them on the end of this entry.

And a big thanks goes to NinjaDorg. I used his .psd files, which was a great help! Check out his amazing scenarios, I put the link in the sidebar of this blog.

And now the printable images. At least I hope it’s printable. It worked fine with my printer.

Print – English 1

Print – English 2

Print – German 1

Print – German 2